Energy, Healing
and Art
with Anne

Welcome to Artwork by Anne - Here you can see most of her artwork. As well there is practical health information under Wellness and related topics like the positive effects of oxygen.
Paintings Anne's Artwork
Anne has created a wide variety of works of art. All of the pieces can be seen on this website. She can be reached at the email address below or by telephone.
Oxygen Spa Oxygen Spa
A lack of Oxygen results in a lack of energy, feeling lethargic, etc. Twenty minutes in the spa can fix that as your largest organ (your skin) absorbs oxygen in a warm, steamy environment.

Health & Wellness
Ion Detoxification removes heavy metals and increases your energy.The CHI Machine will help with Detoxification, Relaxation and generally Feeling Good.


Oxygen Therapy

Do you need more energy? Relax in a pure oxygen environment to increase oxygen in your blood.
Hyperbaric Chamber